CCE’S Missions

The CCE’s Four Missions

1-conseiller pouvoirs publics

1 – Advise Public Authorities

The Foreign Trade Advisors monitors key elements of international trade. Being experts in the international markets in which they operate, the Foreign Trade Advisors send their information and recommendations about worldwide exchanges to Public Authorities, in order to help them in their decision-making processes.

2-parrainer les entreprises

2-Support companies in internationalization

CCE’s allow companies to benefit from their expertise. This is particularly the case for SME’s who can be supported in their internationalization process by the CCE’s knowledge about the operational and strategical aspects of exporting. They can benefit from the CCE’s network of contacts to make their international development easier.

Supporting companies in internationalization consists of :

  • Guiding and advising
  • Helping CEO’s in making decisions
  • Providing support from the CCE’s network of contacts if necessary
  • Making access to this network easier
  • Giving tailored support

This support requires :

  • The sharing and transmission of expertise
  • A dialogue between peers and mutual exchanges based on trust and confidentiality

3-former les jeunes aux métiers de l'international

3- Train young people for careers in international

French Foreign Trade Advisors regularly participate in education by :

  • Giving training and courses in Universities and Business Schools
  • Promoting V.I.E.
  • The development of various educational projects

All types of educational institutions (Business Schools, Universities, Universities for Applied Sciences) collaborate with CCE’s in Languedoc-Roussillon. The aim is to share knowledge with young people so that they can get more familiar with the international business landscape.

CCE’s also cooperate with National Education especially by participating in councils that shape the future and programs of many diploma courses. CCE’s use their expertise to ensure that the teaching programs match international market needs. Foreign Trade Advisors also provide case studies used for national exams.

4-Promouvoir l'attractivité de la France pour les investissements internationaux

4-Promotion of French appeal for international investors

CCE’s contribute to enhancing France’s image by meeting CEO’s and local economic authorities abroad. They promote decisions about inward investments in France.