Message from the President

I am very honored to be the president of the LR section today.

I want to make our committee even more dynamic.

During my tenure, I wish to increase our participation in our commissions :

* Training: participation in 2 prizes for young people (Prize for International Vocation, Marco Polo Prize), participate in new trainings including university …

* Promote VIEs (international volunteering in business) to students and companies.

* Develop of new commissions: “Force Startup”, reactivate agreements with competitiveness clusters such as “Mer et Eau”.

* Increase the attractiveness of our territory.

* Consolidate and amplify our image of the CCEF: communicate more on social networks (website, FB, twitter, Lk).

* Finally increase the recruitment of foreign trade consultants.

I am aware that it is a heavy task that awaits me but I am very motivated and I am surrounded by an energizing team.

Dominique ANDREANI

Head of the Languedoc Roussillon committee of CCE’s